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We have just finished the development of our high quality equine ionized colloidal silver solution and it should be on store shelves within the week!

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Amber Lea's equine products is located in the small town of Belleville Ontario and specializes in the manufacture and development of products for the equine industry. We currently have only have two products on the market today but we are currently in the process of developing more useful products that help with the overall health of your horse. Please feel free to browse our site to learn about our products and find out how to contact us and where you can purchase our products.

Amber Lea's Equine Colloidal Silver Solution.

website template imageWe are proud to announce our latest product. Amber Lea's Equine Colloidal Silver Solution is an all natural antibiotic and general healing solution that has almost unlimited uses!

Our manufacturing technique makes colloidal silver of the highest quality possible and because of this it has no expiry date and unlike a lot of silver products made with inferior manufacturing techniques our colloidal silver uses no preservatives or ingredients to help with electrolysis that run the risk of creating silver chloride. Our product is a 99.999% pure silver product and contains no contaminants. Click here for more information.

Amber Lea's Electrolyte Horse Treats.

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Amber Lea's Electrolyte Horse Treats are the first product in north america to give your horse electrolytes in a treat form.

Made especially for the athlete horse and are made with all natural ingredients and provide the required electrolytes to maintain depleted body fluids if your horse is under stress or in training or competition. Click here for more information.


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